Broadcast your Team’s achievements

Gamification, Visualization & Recognition.

Stimulate your team and make work more fun! 🎉

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A web application automatically connected to your CRM.

Heptaward is a web application for sales reps who want
to motivate, stimulate and make work more fun.

We broadcast your Team’s achievements within our social network and on your TV’s. All in real time. 🍾
7-day free trial.
Exemple de célébration lors de la signature d'une affaire

Channels : be the new office hero.

Selling Is way more exciting than watching TV. But what if it’s YOU on TV ?
With channels you can broadcast your team’s KPI’s on your screens in real time.
Sales ranking, leaderboards, latest activities. Nothing will ever be missed.


to your favourite apps in one click


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From mobile to your TV.

React, comment and broadcast.
One click Chromecast connection to your TV.
Access your key company data within reach.

Increase sales and keep activity remaining at a high level.

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$ 2500
💵 Average monthly turnover by sales rep.
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🍾 monthly added sales revenue